Are you turning 65?  Are you over 65 & losing group health Insurance?   We have answers to these and many other questions about Medicare enrollment.

We help people to understand their options for Medicare supplement plans.  As a result, our clients know exactly what benefits they are getting and for what premium.  Our clients have a clear understanding of the networks and prescription drug coverage. 

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When Should I sign up for Medicare?

There are several things to consider when signing up for Medicare. 

1)  If a person is receiving Social Security Benefits, they will automatically be signed up for Medicare Parts A & B. However, if they are still working and their employer has at least 20 employees, they may choose to opt out of signing up for Part B.

The reason a person should consider this is because they will save the cost of purchasing Part B from the government. The employee should check with their employer to verify if the employer has credible health insurance.

2)  If a person is employed receiving group health insurance with less than 20 employees, they should in most cases sign up for Medicare Part B (in addition to Part A). They will need to pay for Part B to the government.

3)  If you are not working, even if you have an employee retirement health plan, you should sign up for Medicare Parts A & B when turning 65.

4)  If a person chooses not to sign up for Part B and then signs up at some later date, they may be subject to a late enrollment penalty for each month they went without Part B.

These are only some of the variables to consider when turning 65. For a detailed analysis, make the call and we can help you understand your options.